The White House Preparatory School is an independent co-educational London day preparatory school which firmly believes:

  • That every child has something to offer that is unique and valuable.
  • That the curriculum must be broad and balanced with art, music and sport being as important for lifelong learning as traditional  academic subjects.
  • That children are encouraged to develop a sound moral compass through kindness and empathy.
  • That the long lasting love of learning is developed through a strong support system which includes home, family, their peers, their teachers and their school.
  • All children should fulfil their potential in a safe, secure environment where they can enjoy being children.
  • The White House Preparatory School ensures children achieve high academic results whilst continuing to remember the importance of being child centred. We encourage happiness, reward hard work, acknowledge and praise children for both personal and academic achievements.

    “At every stage be that stage” Friedrich Fröbel

    Mary McCahery

    Principal and Founder

    Contact Details 

    Tel: 0208674 9514