Aims of the school:

  • That every child has something to offer that is unique and valuable.
  • That the curriculum must be broad and balanced with art, music and sport being as important for lifelong learning as traditional  academic subjects.
  • That children are encouraged to develop a sound moral compass through kindness and empathy.
  • That the long lasting love of learning is developed through a strong support system which includes home, family, their peers, their teachers and their school.
  • All children should fulfil their potential in a safe, secure environment where they can enjoy being children.

The school is committed to providing parents with the choice of an appropriate and high quality education to children living in our local area.  We believe that children have an entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of nursery and school life.  Information about various support groups available to parents is displayed on the Early Years Department entrance notice board.

We believe that educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all learners, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, impairment, attainment and background.  We ensure that prospective parents are fully aware of the ethos and principles of the nursery and school.  We do this through our website, which is regularly reviewed, and by regular showrounds by the Headmaster and this policy document, available to prospective parents. We are also available to answer questions on the phone about the running of the school. 

We aim for this school environment to be one in which all children can thrive with appropriate regard to their rights and preferences as individuals.  All children should be valued in school.  We will strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to develop an environment where children can flourish and feel safe.  Inclusion is most likely to be successful if the diversity of all school members is welcomed and valued.  The nursery and school recognises that individuals are unique in their interests, abilities, motivation and learning needs.  All members of the school are entitled to be treated with respect and have their views taken into account.

Due to the co-educational nature of the school we aim to admit 50% boys and 50% girls. 


Process: The Prep School

The majority of the children within The Prep School have joined in Kindergarten at

2½ or in Reception at 4+.

The main intake to the school is in September of each year, however, entry to the Kindergarten is also possible for Spring and Summer Terms .


How can I visit the school?

Parents are invited to attend an Open Morning or weekly showaround where they will have the opportunity to meet with the Headmaster. This includes a tour of the school. Please contact to reserve a place for showrounds or/and Open Day.


How can I register?

Parents may register their child either before or consequent to a visit to the school. Parents should complete a registration form and a registration fee of £75 is applicable for each child registered. Children are admitted in order of registration and a sibling and White House family priority policy is in operation.


What happens once I have registered my child?

Once registered we will continue to contact you with updates on the school and at an appropriate moment to confirm your interest and potential offer of place.


Will you contact our current school?

Consequent to registration, ahead of any offer of place and where appropriate, we request verbal or written reports from the previous school or setting.


When will you make an offer of place?

The Principal and Headmaster like to meet with every child and this involves time spent in class with other children under the supervision of the class teacher. Children of Year 1 age or above are invited to spend a morning at school and invited to take part in lessons with special attention being paid to Numeracy and Literacy.

Consequent to a visit parents may receive a formal offer of place at which point there will be a stated period by which time the place will need to be accepted. Acceptance involves payment of deposit and return of signed acceptance documents. Currently the deposit required is:

For a child entering Kindergarten or Pre Reception:              £1000

For Rec -Yr6:                                                                          £3000


How is our child introduced to their class?

The children who are registered are invited to spend a session with their prospective class, in the term prior to their entry.


Can a child join during the school year?

The White House Prep School is a very settled community but places can become available during the year. Parents are welcome to enquire of these opportunities. The process of entry in similar to the September entry but is tailored specifically to the situation.


How do you operate your waiting list?

Children are admitted in order of registration with specific priority given to siblings and pupils from the Woodentops Nurseries.


Process: Day Nursery

Entry into the Day Nursery is throughout the year.

Children entering the Day Nursery must be at least 6 months old.

Day Nursery children are allocated places on a first come first served basis, subject to availability and individual registration requirements. 

Prior to the term of starting at the school or a month before the child starts Day Nursery, parents are sent a letter offering their child a place at the school or informing them that their child is on a waiting list due to pressure of numbers and that they will be contacted by phone if a place becomes available. Children entering the Day Nursery will be placed on a waiting list in order of their requirements e.g. whether it is one half day or 5 full days. 

If the parents accept a place they must pay a deposit and their child’s entry is assured. Children in Day Nursery pay a fee of one month as a deposit. The deposit is returnable when the child leaves the nursery, providing a full month’s notice in writing is given or for the Day Nursery, 1 month’s notice is required. Children in Day Nursery who wish to decrease or change their days must give 1 month notice, these changes will commence the following month.

If requests for admission exceed the number of places available you will be placed on a waiting list if a suitable place is not immediately available. During your time on the waiting list you will be contacted from time to time to determine whether you are still interested in a place and also to give you some indication of when a place is likely to become available. However, you are also encouraged to contact the office  Tel 020-8674 9514) to ascertain the latest position.

Children entering the Day Nursery will have a minimum of 2 sessions where the key worker will have an opportunity to talk to the parent/carer regarding the needs of the child and for the child to become familiar with the setting and their key worker.

It is essential to the efficient running of the nursery and to other prospective parents/carers that you notify the Day Nursery immediately should you make alternative childcare arrangements and no longer require a place.

Once the Day Nursery is aware that a place is going to become available, the parents/carers at the top of the list with a child of the correct age for the vacancy (either Bunnies Group – 6 to 24 months or Foxes group – 2 to 5 years) will be offered that place. Usually this will be some weeks or months in advance of the place becoming available. On most occasions the place is accepted, but in instances where the place is not taken up, it is offered to the next parent/carer on the list with a child of the appropriate age for the vacancy.

Places are offered on the following basis:

  1. Parents return a completed Registration form clearly stating their requirements.
  2. Priority is given to those intending to use the nursery on a full-time basis.
  3. Priority is given to parents/carers who already have one child registered at the Day Nursery.
  4. Full-time places may be offered temporarily on a part-time basis to new part-time applicants should there be no suitable parent/carer on the waiting list to take the place on a full-time basis.
  5. Similarly, part-time places may be offered temporarily to new parents/carers wishing full-time care should there be no parents/carers on the waiting list for a part-time place.

In cases such offers are dependent on no parents/carers applying to the nursery who are more suitable for that place. Should this happen, then the parents/carers of the child occupying a full-time place on a part-time basis will be given the option of taking the place on a full-time basis or, should they not wish to do so, will be given a minimum of four weeks’ notice. The parents/carers of a child occupying a part-time place on a full-time basis will be given a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

Should the parent/carer of a child occupying a full-time place wish to move to part-time, this will only be permitted at the end of any calendar month.

Once a child has been allocated a place on an agreed basis, it is expected that parents/carers will adhere to these arrangements. Failure to do so may result in termination of the contract.

It is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sectors of the community have access to the setting through open, fair and clear communicated procedures.


Policy will be reviewed annually

Policy reviewed:

Sept 16



Policy reviewed:

Sept 17



Policy reviewed:

Sept 18



To be reviewed:

Sept 19